Saturday – 3 John – Encouragement & Confrontation

*Graphic credit: GreatExchange Church via Sometimes life is hard. I know. Hardly a news flash. But I imagine Gaius (to whom 3 John is addressed) was in the midst of a hard time when John wrote him this letter. And he receives it and opens it up and sees the warm, encouraging words from … Continue reading Saturday – 3 John – Encouragement & Confrontation

Friday – 2 John – Antichrist?

*Photo credit: Erik Thien via Here in 2 John we see a follow-up/reminder of John's exhortations in his previous letter. If you're anything like me, at this point you're probably saying "Geez, I get it already! Love one another!" It begs the question, why is it so important to John to repeatedly emphasize this … Continue reading Friday – 2 John – Antichrist?