Created to Create

There are two ideas I believe that are the primary force behind this blog:

We have the power to create.

We are created to create.

I always believe the second one. And more often than not I believe the first one somehow applies to everyone in the world but me. For that reason I’ve had this blog stashed aside and half-done for over a month now. I’ve intended to write a blog since January of this year. But, like something worse than a new-year’s resolution that is quit in February, I never even started this one.

Until today.

So I am writing this blog on anything and everything that comes to mind. Some posts will be serious. Some will be silly. A lot will be somewhere in between/a mixture of both. However, early on, it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot were pretty serious. I was talking with my wife the other day and we realized that I write with my “serious voice.” It is just something that happens without me realizing it until just the other day when we had this conversation.

You see, I am often weighed down by the permanence of my words. I realize that in a digital age, whatever I write down and post for the world to see will be there forever

and ever

and ever


And that thought is often in my mind as I write. Or even before I write. So much so that I don’t start my new year’s resolution of “write a blog” until month 8 of the year. For some reason I am crippled by this idea that everything I write has to be perfect. Everything I write has to be profound. Everything I write has to be original. It has to be funny or witty. It has to just be awesome in every way.

Perfectionism is a monster that I have battled often when it comes to writing. And I’ve had enough. Consider this post, this blog, the deathblow.

(As I write I can hear the voice from Mortal Kombat: “FINISH HIM!”)

So write I will. And perfect it shall not be. And that is okay. That will be my mantra for some time. I will remind myself of that every time I write and hopefully I will learn to loosen up and find my own voice, one that isn’t so serious all the time.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I believe we are all created to create. God has given us all talents to create something beautiful in this world, whether it be a house, a painting, a story, a poem, a car, a movie, or something else. Me? I feel the call to write. I have for quite some time. So I’m finally starting today.

What about you? What do you feel called to create? Have you fought with the monster of perfectionism? Leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Created to Create

  1. I agree I too struggle to be perfect. I can’t remeber how many songs I havent finished because they werent any where close to perfect. Thanks for the push to do it any ways. How else are we going to become perfect if we dont even work at it and allow ourseleves to make mistakes.
    Your Friend Andrew

    1. Wow. I didn’t really know you’ve struggled like that. You’re one of the most creative people I know, I’d have figured you had kinda put that issue to rest. It is good to know, though, that others, no matter where on the spectrum of “not creative” to “super creative” struggle with it though. And right on about practice, without making a few mistakes we will never get better.

    1. Thanks! You are right. I should have. I guess you could say I was struggling with this issue of perfectionism even then. I even still have every story I ever wrote for the high school newspaper and I go back and look at them at times. A couple might even be featured here some time.

    1. Similar to what I said to Andrew above, I wouldn’t have thought you struggled like this. You are also one of the most creative people I know and I wouldn’t have guessed this was an issue with the way you seem to be able to create. However, it is good to know (for me anyway) that others face this issue too, it isn’t unique to me or people just starting to create. It is a battle that must be fought regularly and often.

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