Log Flumes and Heaven

This past week my church took a trip to King’s Island in Ohio, a massive theme park with everything you could ever imagine: rollercoasters, water park, kids land, and all the rest. It was a long, fun day and I did a little bit of everything.

But the best part of the day? Well, that was riding the Diamondback. But a close second was the 45 minutes I spent in line for the log flume in the Planet Snoopy part of the park. From where I stood in line I could see the looks on every kid’s face that came over the peak of the final drop on the log flume. And all the looks?

Pure joy.

Kid after kid had the same expression. Eyes wide. Mouth open. Squeals of excitement. It was like this was the single best moment of the day for each of them. Maybe even their week or month.

If they had a seat there at the end of the drop, where I could sit and watch them come down the lane. I would have spent all day there. Each drop was a sacred moment.

I couldn’t help but think that maybe heaven will be a little like an amusement park and we’ll all be like kids. Because in an amusement park, the normal rules of life don’t apply. Nap time is no longer an issue. Pizza and cotton candy for lunch? No problem. Ride a swing hundreds of feet in the air? Sounds fun!

All those things that are normally off limits, no longer are. Anything goes as long as it is pure and fun.

And kids know how to push this to the limits. They drive themselves to get the most of the entire experience, going well beyond “nap time” and “exhaustion.” So much so they pass out on the way home, no sooner than the car door is closed. Then wake up the next day, eager for more life.

That is what heaven is going to be like. Every moment like that one from the log flume. Pure joy and excitement and a simple thrill out of just being alive.

In heaven we will regain that zeal for life that we often lose by our teens. That hunger for life that manifests itself in wanting to skip nap time and wake up early the next day to do it all again. Why? Because it is just so much fun.

So as you enter the middle of the week, what just might seem so mundane and soul-killing in its monotany, I pray that you won’t wait till heaven to rediscover some of that joy. I pray that you will be able to capture some of that in the here and now. May you experience the joy that comes with viewing life through the eyes of a child riding the log flume.

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