Family Time

This past Thursday my parents came and visited. Hence no post on Thursday. But during their visit one moment just kind of “hit me” I guess you could say.

Early that morning, I had been working at church with a few people, getting ready for a garage sale. In the midst of the work I found a record player/8-track recorder and some speakers. And so I claimed my reward as an early garage sale worker and bought them. I brought them home that afternoon and used a few chords I already had and managed to hook up my iPod to the record player/stereo and play it through the speakers.

It was awesome.

I paused and thought for a moment. It was pretty crazy that I was using an old record player/8-track recorder, hooked up to some great speakers to play music off of my phone, on which was roughly a filing cabinet’s worth of records and albums.

Talk about a confluence of technology.

This confluence was only trumped by a moment later in the weekend after my parents had arrived and we were watching my son all day. We were spending some time downstairs while I hooked up the amalgam of technology I just mentioned. And once I got it working I tested it with only the most test-worth music around: The Beatles. My son really got into it, kicking his legs to the music as his grandma held him up, as only a 7-month old can. So there were three generations of my family. Listening to my parent’s generation of music on my generation of technology in a house built somewhere in between.

Now that’s a confluence.

I don’t have any real deep thought here. This story doesn’t launch into some theological treatise. Instead, it is just a moment I wanted to remember. A moment made up of a lot of different things from different times that all come together and make something good. Something wonderful.

As my son and I get older I am beginning to realize just how important family time is. Especially at an inter-generational level. And it is filled with moments like these. Sitting in the basement, listening to The Beatles, just talking and catching up.

What about you – do you have a favorite family memory you often remember and reflect on? Please share in the comments.

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