A Post on Posting (Post-ception)

So as you can tell, posting has not been the most regular. My initial thoughts on posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been at about a 50% success rate the past two weeks. As a result I’m re-thinking my posting/writing schedule. I’m in the process of working on a new writing schedule with different goals. One I can implement easily and faithfully in order to maximize the effectiveness and reliability of this blog as well as my other writing, like my sermons.

So I guess my question for you as a reader: any suggestions for a writing schedule? Do you do any writing or something else creative on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? How do you stoke the fires of motivation when you “just don’t feel like it?” This has been my primary weakness when it comes to sticking with art forms – I don’t like practice. Not that anyone does. It’s practice. But I guess I’m just looking for helpful tips or hints that might help make my overcoming of procrastination easier.

So please, please, please respond with some tips and helpful habits in the comments.

On an unrelated note, I spent some of tonight watching through the special features on LOST Season 3. In case you haven’t heard me mention it lately, LOST is an insanely good show and I would contend that it is the best TV show ever. Ever. And watching the producers/writers talk about the show just inspires me toward writing fiction.

Something this blog might see some of in the future.

Dun-dun-DUN! (You know, the suspenseful, “the plot thickens!” kind of noise.)

But seriously, leave a comment. Or two. Help me with this procrastination thing. Helpful tips, habits, books, etc. would be appreciated.

3 thoughts on “A Post on Posting (Post-ception)

  1. Stephen King wrote a book on writing entitled “On Writing” [writing-ception]. Anyway, it’s very instructive on the subject of staying on task & flexing your creative muscle. It can be interpreted for anything too. I translate it into working on my photographs, for example. Check it out!

  2. Whatever you have on your heart is appreciated. Procrastination doesn’t include your mind. Your mind will still mull around thoughts and feelings to be shared when the time is right. It could be there are just days that personal thoughts are just that, not to be shared. I love hearing your thoughts whenever and how often you want to write.

  3. Matt,one major thing about being creative is the fact you dont have to stick to a schedule,One may go 2 weeks for example without a “creative thought”, yet be inspired and filled with thought for days in a row.Your mind and heart will guide you on when and what to write and it will be awesome. We will all enjoy your “sharing” when that time comes. I have thoroughly enjoyed what you have written so far and have no doubt I will continue to do so. Short fiction stories? Sound right up your alley. Bring it on!

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