I’m Back

So I know I’ve been conspicuously missing here lately. I guess you could say it is typical new blogger syndrome.

A.K.A I haven’t been committed.

But now I’m back and I getting settled into a new posting routine. So here are a few things you can be expecting from me here in the near future.

First and foremost, more posts. Although I guess anything at this point would be “more posts.” HA! Burn on me…

Second, shorter posts. Part of my problem with posting is that I have set up these expectations in my mind that I have to post these big long treatises or novels. Although, I know I myself don’t like to read posts like that. So I don’t know where that came from.

Third, most likely some fiction might make an appearance. I am toying around with the idea of just writing some short stories or series. I recently read Stephen King’s On Writing and it has me itching to dabble with some fiction. Itching to dabble. That’s a funny phrase. Say that out loud. Sounds weird.

Fourth, I’m going to re-work the extra pages on the blog. Meaning, I’m probably going to take them down. I need to streamline this blog and keep myself from getting distracted with everything except what actually matters: posting.

Fifth, I will be playing around with all the formats for posts that WordPress offers. Why? Because I want to know that’s why.

Sixth, essentially this is just a list saying “I’m doing crazy stuff! You can’t tell me what to do! I do what I want!”

Seventh, there is no seventh. I just wanted to end with seven instead of six. Six is a weird unholy number to end on. I don’t roll like that.

So there you go, dear reader. A contract of sorts. A covenant if you will. Now you know what you’re getting yourself into in the days and weeks ahead.

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