Obligatory Election Day Post (with a twist!)

Honestly, I had planned to write a short post today about the election. Then when I got up this morning I read this by Jon Acuff:

The election post you have to write.

Amen and amen. It only reaffirms my need to write on election day.

I was thinking last night about how today is election day what that meant exactly. First, it means that tonight I will be up watching the results come pouring in. Why? Because elections bring out the math nerd in me and electoral college math is just plain fun. (What? Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the groans of thousands that hate math.) And second, because after today, there will be a moratorium on campaign ads. *Cue applause*

The good riddance of campaign ads means we can once again enjoy our television programming free of interruption!

Wait, what? No we can’t. We’ll just be going back to the regular old ads. Gone will be the days of ridiculous advertisements warning of impending apocalypse if the other party’s candidate gets elected. Instead we get our normal run-of-the-mill, totally makes sense ads. Right?

I mean, we all agree the campaign ads are ridiculous. I’ve said dozens of times in the past few days that I’ll be glad to see them go. The only thing is, just as ridiculous ads will come back in their place starting Wednesday. We’re just used to that level of weird. We’ve grown accustomed to that kind of crazy. And we’ve done this (myself included, this didn’t hit me until last night) without even realizing it. And I don’t think it is for the better.

Because let’s be honest, do we really believe what those ads are selling? If we buy this year’s model of that popular car will our life be transformed into one of permanent vacation and exploration on perfect roads with no traffic to the destination we couldn’t have dreamed of with our old car? Or rather, will we be burdened with a crushing load of debt for an asset that immediately loses half its value while be plagued with constant pricey maintenance and the incessant worry that some one might (gasp!) dent it!

That’s just a crazy we’re used to. But it is no better breed of crazy as campaign ads. Consumerism has us in its grips when we plead for its commercials. When its liturgies are the respite we seek from campaign ads. Well played.

So in this election and post-election season, may you remember that our return to “normal” isn’t all it is cracked up to be. That “normal” ads take their toll on our hearts and souls just as much as the acid we see concerning particular candidates. Only they do it with even more deception and subterfuge. They are only more dangerous. Why? Because they don’t have an off-season. And if we are not careful we find ourselves believing them.

What is the most ridiculous non-campaign ad you’ve seen in a while? What is the most alluring one you’ve seen, even though you know better?

One thought on “Obligatory Election Day Post (with a twist!)

  1. Well said Matt. Never really thought of it that way. Most ridiculous add? A lizard selling insurance. most alluring? new Honda Accord.Do I know better? Yes ans yes. Still have my old insurance.(they’re all to high) and still drive my 05 Impala. Life goes on

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