Pain, Struggles, and Fear

The last few weeks, I’ve been finding every reason not to write. Some legitimate. Most not. And it all comes from this place inside me that is just not motivated and hates the part of me that is. Too often I side with the unmotivated me and feel crappy because of it.

But not today.

In the last week, the following two posts have been on my mind, one by Jeff Goins and the other by Jon Acuff. Together they have moved me to write this today. I’ll include the articles below.

Chances are, someone out there reading this is going through a very similar struggle. Your probably go through it every day. Every time you feel that impulse to create something and bring it into the world there is part of you that says “Don’t.”

May you have the courage to slay that dragon. May you push it back another day. May you not validate your fears and instead have the courage to create. Some days it makes all the difference.

Do you want to create? Then prepare for pain.

There be dragons.


One thought on “Pain, Struggles, and Fear

  1. Matt, I am gonna tell you how I see this situation in my little corner of the world. Every blog you have posted has been a blessing to more than one person,myself included. Satan can’t stand that. To encourage and uplift someone? Not if he has anything to do with it. Lets see… Hmmm.. What can I hit him with? discouragement, A busy schedule,all other obligations I can muster up and..oh yes! ILLNESS!!!. Thats a good one. There,that should do the trick. BUT he forgot what you live your life by son…”Greater is he that is in me,than he that is in the world”. So you sat down and pray,then type,and we get blessed all over again. Thats the Matt we all know and love. Keep up the work you do son. Praying for you daily……….Pat

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