Many Parts, One Body

I was journaling today about a bit of a funk I was in. That kind of mood where you don’t want to do a thing but you should. Where you have important things to do but for some reason don’t want to do a thing. Its not that you want to do something else more fun or important. It’s that you want to do nothing at all.

But I knew that at the end of the day if I had given into this feeling I would have felt the day was wasted. I would have felt guilty. So with some prayer and upbeat music (Shane & Shane/LOTR Soundtrack) I powered through and got things done by the grace of God.

It was in my writing that I stumbled upon a link, a possible cause for my apathy and lethargy: I did not work out or exercise at all this morning. The previous two days I had either exercised at home or did some physically demanding things in the morning that set me on a good path for the day. Today? Nothing. I trudged through my morning with nothing out of the ordinary and never really getting my blood flowing, so to speak. But through keeping a journal I have noticed that on those days I do get out of bed a little early and exercise, I feel better throughout the day.

And I’m not talking just a “exercise helps your mood according to such-and-such-percent of scientific studies.” I mean spiritually. My spiritual life is enhanced by my physical. My prayer life is made healthier as my body is made healthier.

These two are connected. Both positively and negatively. When we are sick, we are depressed, spirits dampened. And when we are in peak physical condition, we feel empowered, we feel the breath of God in our lungs.

I had always been aware of this relationship in the negative (i.e. physical sick, spiritually hindered) but never really thought of it in a positive fashion until now. Don’t get me wrong, I know that physical circumstances do not dictate our relationship with God, but I think we all have to admit it is harder, to some degree, to praise God when we’re sick, though we still should.

So can you think of any ways you’ve seen a positive correlation between your physical and spiritual health? What about negative?

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