New Year’s Resolutions

So you know it has been a long time since posting when you have to look up your username and password to even get in to the site you post from.

My bad.

As is the case with most everyone everywhere, the holidays were super busy and crazy fun. Hence the severe lack of posts. I enjoyed the time getting to be with family and in the down time that often accompanies breaks of these sorts, I got to thinking about new year’s resolutions.

On the whole I am fairly skeptical of New Year Resolutions. I do recognize just how arbitrary it is that we decide to make ourselves completely “new” people just because we turn the page on a calendar (or start a new calendar all together). HOWEVER, I don’t think it is a bad thing to be looking for excuses to try and make ourselves better. So I’m all aboard this band-wagon.

Now that I’m 22 days into this new year I can give you a good post about my resolutions and how they are going. Granted these resolutions are not entirely new to myself but January 1 did provide some incentive to do some things with more intention that I had been slacking off on for a while. So, without further ado, the resolutions of one Matt Upshaw:

New Year’s Resolution #1 – Work out at least 4 days a week.

Track Record: I have exercised 15/23 days = 65.22% success rate when shooting for 57.14%

This one has been pretty easy so far. But only because my workouts have been easy. Here in the early part of the year, I am making it more about the habit of exercising as opposed to getting “ripped.” I am using a new app I found called The Gorilla Workout for a buck on the app store. It’s all body-weight exercises and they have 4 difficulty levels. I started at the bottom which is for the laziest of people (meaning: me) and have been working up from there. So it has been a fairly easy transition that I will slowly amp up as the year goes on. Once I get to my peak on the app, I may consider moving up to a 5 days a week frequency, but we’ll see. Baby steps.

New Year’s Resolution #2 – Read the entire Bible in a year.

Track Record: 23/23 Days Reading Complete = 100% Success Rate

I started a plan using the YouVersion Bible app. It is awesome and only a few chapters a day of reading. I just started Exodus, but I know the real test will be come Leviticus and Numbers. I once tried to do this in 90 days after a prof in college challenged the class and I wimped out in Isaiah. So here’s getting through it all!

New Year’s Resolution #3 – Get Rid of One Item a Day in 2013

Track Record: 23/23 – 100%

So here’s the biggie. The one that is easy now, but come May or June will really start to hurt. For all of 2013 I plan to get rid of one item around the house each day. I’m starting out small (see below) and will steadily work up to things I really care about. Through this I hope to really de-clutter the house and pursue my inclinations to minimalism while simultaneously learning reliance on God. Granted, in the early stages it will just be a lot of getting rid of junk I’ve been meaning to get rid of for a while now.

As part of this, I plan on posting pictures and short descriptions of what I am getting rid of. So let the embarrassment begin (seriously, I’ve held on to much of this for far too long)!

Days 1-12 – Mixed CDs


For the first week and a half I got rid of a collection of mixed and burned CDs that I had collected over the years. All of which I don’t listen to anymore and some of which are illegal as they are just burned copies of albums my friends gave me.

Day 13 – Computer Processor


I attempted to fix my dad’s laptop in December and ordered a processor to do so. Wrong processor size, didn’t fit. So I finally sold it on eBay.

Day 14 – Forrest Gump DVD

DSCN2323Now before you jump all over me with “It’s a wonderful movie!” I agree. It is. But not one I watch often enough to justify owning it. Also sold it.

Day 15 – Yoga DVD


Amanda (yes, she’s in on this one too. I mean, our house has more than just my junk to get rid of) and I were on a health kick once upon a time, many moons ago. And we decided to try yoga. This decision was quickly followed by a decision to quit trying yoga. Sold this on eBay as well. Noticing a trend?

Days 16 & 17 – Laptop Batter & Charger Cord

DSCN2342 DSCN2343

These were the leftovers from my dad’s ruined laptop. Don’t worry, it was ruined before I tried to fix it. Sold them on eBay.

Days 18-21 – Board Games

DSCN2330 DSCN2337 DSCN2335 DSCN2333

Amanda and I decided to get rid of these board games because we never play them like we thought we would. I think we got these as wedding presents. So if you got them for us, please forgive us. But since we moved into the parsonage here in Indiana we just don’t have the shelf space we used to have in Illinois. Also, it doesn’t help that the bottom two shelves of every unit in the house are filled with toddler toys. Sold these on eBay too.

Day 22 – Journal


So now it starts to get embarrassing. This is a journal a girl gave me during my junior (I think) year of high school. She wrote a long, elaborate note in the front and back cover and for some reason I’ve held onto it for the past eight or so years. I finally asked myself, will I ever use this journal? No. Why? Because of the note in it. Is this relationship one you want to remember? No. Why? Because I never returned her feelings and things got a little nasty. Fun Fact: The person who gave me this journal is the only person in my life I have ever actually yelled at. Not a proud moment, but hey I’m moving on. This I threw in the recycling. Nobody wants this.

Day 23 – Deck of Cards


Once in college I got on a real card game kick and I was playing a lot of different card games and collected neat decks. This one looked cool and it was, until we realized the reds were printed with green ink that looked a lot like black. And it made every game after that nearly impossible to play. So these got recycled.

New Year’s Resolution #4 – Delete an iTunes Song a Day

Track Record: 23/23 – 100%

Going along with #3, I’ve decided to clean up my iTunes digital clutter as well. Below you will find a list of tracks and artists I’ve deleted since the new year began. Most all the entries are “Free Downloads!” I got as they came up on iTunes when I was in my music hoarding days. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever listened to any of them but instead I just downloaded them “just in case.”

  1. Writing on the Walls by Underoath from Define the Great Line
  2. Saving Grace by Tom Petty from Saving Grace – Single
  3. Mister Sister by The Tender Box from The Score
  4. Stormy Monday Blues by T-Bone Walker from Rare Blues
  5. Woman You Must Be Crazy by T-Bone Walker from Good Feelin’
  6. Farewell Wenches by Supreeme from Supremacy
  7. I’m a Figther by Supernatural and Choklate from SPIT
  8. Come On! Feel the Illinoise! By Sufjan Stevens from Illinois
  9. Taking Back Control by Sparta from Taking Back Control – Single
  10. Back Home to Me by Sophie Milman from Sophie Milman
  11. Minors Into Fire by SonGodSunds & Busdriver (What does that even mean?) on Over the Counter Culture
  12. Higher by Soft on Soft-EP
  13. Stay by Small Sings from Small Sins
  14. All this Love by The Similou from So Hot Right Now
  15. Snake Devil by Scary Kids Scaring Kids on Scary Kids Scaring Kids
  16. Come Save by Sarah Reeves from Sweet Sweet Sound
  17. Sambaleias by Sao Paris from La
  18. Wonderwall by Ryan Adams from Love is Hell
  19. Desire by Ryan Adams from Demolition
  20. Red, White and Blue by Rockie Lynne from Rockie Lynne
  21. Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on Don’t You Fake It
  22. The Storm by The Procussions from 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents
  23. Nod Your Head by Paul McCartney from Nod Your Head-Single

So there are my new year’s resolutions. I’ve got a few other general things I’m doing, but nothing meriting a big long post. I’m trying to be more consistent in my devotional/prayer life, but nothing too different from before. I’m also making sure I read a portion of a “fun” (not church related) book each day. I also recently converted my church computer desk into a standing desk because of all the health benefits I read about. I am also indexing every sermon I’ve ever preached into an excel document that is easily searched. It contains hyperlinks that actually open the word documents themselves when clicked. Pretty neat for the inner OCD control freak in me.

In the future, I will make my “365 Less Things” posts their own posts on a more frequent basis. Not like the data dump you got today. This will help me with another of my goals for the new year: post more regularly.

Anyway, I hope this post finds you well and that your new year has been so far so good. My question now for you: What are your New Year Resolutions? How is your track record so far?

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Proud of your resolutions and I 99.9% support them. The .1 comes from the skipping of my heart and almost tear I shed that you deleted a Sufjan song.

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