Lent and Sickness

As we have entered into Lent I began a new morning practice of Bible reading and exercise. However, shortly after beginning I was hit with sickness and my sacrifice went from being inconvenient and a test to downright difficult. I’m just now getting over the sickness (after two and a half weeks of symptoms) and I stuck with the new practices more than I didn’t, so I’d call it a win.

But in that time, I truly experienced part of the spirit of Lent. As we enter into the wilderness and begin various kinds of fasting, the purpose is to remind ourselves of just how much we need God, of how not self-sufficient we are.

Nothing will remind you of that quicker than a good bout of sickness.

So I pray for you that during this lenten season you will draw closer to God as we approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday. May you be reminded that even your ability to work and to seemingly provide for yourself is a gift from God.

And may He remind you in a way that doesn’t involve you getting sick.

One thought on “Lent and Sickness

  1. Son,you are a true inspiration to all who have the privilege of hearing you bring the message God has laid on your heart,sick or not. I’m sure the enemy would have loved to discourage you in your journey this Lenten season. Didn’t work. You are seeing it through and God will honor that. This is my first season of observing Lent,believe it or not. I am learning to lean more on my heavenly father in a variety of ways.Keep up the good work you are doing Matt. You have prayers behind you and God all around you. What an armor to have!

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