Rest and Activity

This week I’ve had the opportunity to come out here to Colorado (from which I write this) in order to perform the wedding for a cousin of mine. Along with this privilege and time with my extended family (which doesn’t happen often) my wife and I have been able to treat it as a small vacation of sorts.

We’ve been able to spend time together, resting between times of chaos, and catch up on some reading and general to-dos. It has already been refreshing and tiring at the same time.
This blend of rest and catching up. I pray you can experience it soon. That you can find the time with the ones you love to simply live life and enjoy it for what it is. No agendas. No objectives. But just time for the sake of time.
May you find peace and rest in God and what he has in store for you life. May you come to learn what Sabbath really means.
Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Rest and Activity

  1. It was a beautiful time together. It was heart-warming to see you, Stephanie, and Samantha in such a special way. Wasn’t it only yesterday that I laid on the floor with you three playing games (no cheating allowed or Aunt Carolyn would quit playing), and you three giggled away? You all have made me so proud, and I am so blest to be a part of your lives.

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