Resurrection in the Air

Resurrection is close. I don’t know if you can feel it. But it is.

Easter is almost upon us.

As we see the ice thawing. The trees awakening…

2013-03-15 10.34.50
Resurrection is all around us.

If all creation is groaning in anticipation, then this is the time of year when hope begins to peak. When resurrection seems most within our grasp.

As we see creation renew itself, we can only think about God renewing us. And not just spiritually.

But physically.

And that resurrection has already begun. And it is still coming. And we will celebrate its beginning and anticipate its coming soon.

On Easter Sunday.

So as we approach Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, I pray that you may be refreshed and renewed like the creation around us. May you withstand all the trials and cold-snaps and frosty nights to come always looking forward to the promise of resurrection.

Because it is coming.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!


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