Lately I’ve been tempted to go back to habits I’ve given up/weaning myself off of. 2 in particular. For example, a couple times this week I’ve found myself looking at old video games on the computer or new games for my phone. I do this because I think “I need a treat, just a fun zone-out kind of stress reliever.” Which is fine and dandy.

If that’s all it ever was.

I know I have the tendency to play games too much. My OCD completion side takes over and I can’t stop playing the game until I’ve done everything ever on it (e.g. hit the level cap, 3 stars on all levels, etc.). So it quickly goes from a stress reliever to (if I’m honest) an obsession.

I also found myself this week at the office trying or wanting to waste time on the internet, just checking nerd news sites. But it really wasn’t worth the effort (because I now have a standing desk. Awesome!) to go and waste the time, if that makes any sense. I mean, if I’m going to be standing around, might as well get some work done! And all that came from me avoiding doing difficult tasks in the office.

Thankfully, I haven’t given into either. But both have been serious temptations this week. And still are, especially with today being my day off. And to be honest, I have played some angry birds this week, mainly with my son, but it hasn’t become the obsession it has in the past. And when I notice that creeping up on me, I know it is time to put it down.

So I guess I say all that to say this (how’s that for an introduction?): What do you struggle with? What habits or vices are you trying to give up/change in order to become more the person God created you to be? Have you ever relapsed or been tempted to relapse?

And if you have relapsed. That’s okay. In fact, we should expect relapses to happen because we are broken people. That’s what God’s grace and peace are for. And you need to extend that same grace and peace to yourself too. And not beat yourself up over it but instead extend yourself that same grace and peace.

So my prayer for you today is this: May you become more and more each day the person God created you to be. May you partner with Him in that hard work. And when you mess up, make a mistake, or take a step or two backwards, may God help you up and continue on the long joyful journey He has called you to. May you know and truly comprehend His grace and peace. Amen

One thought on “Relapsing

  1. Son,I needed this today! Thank you so much. Sometimes the struggles seem to never go away. We( I) find myself struggling with the same thing and getting more discouraged all the time. How long Lord,I ask. Thanks for shedding some light. May God continue to bless your honesty and your life.

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