Looking Ahead – Retreat

This week has been a crazy one. With a sick kid and busy schedule it is just plain tough to get stuff done. In some areas I’ve made progress, got some projects crossed of the list that I’ve been avoiding for weeks/months. In other areas? Not so much.

All that said, I’m really looking forward to this weekend. My district is hosting a pastor & spouse retreat. Baby boy will be with the baby sitter and the wife and I will get some great time for just us.

It doesn’t happen often.

I am really looking forward to the time. A pause in the sometimes (especially now) chaotic storm that is life. Space to rest and hit the “reset” button on our routines and practices. To evaluate where we are and where we are going and make any changes that are necessary.

As we wrap up another week, I pray that you can have/create this kind of time in your life. May you make the time to pause with those who are most important to you and reflect on your life. May you intentionally go about living into what God has called you to. And may you find His grace and peace in the process.


One thought on “Looking Ahead – Retreat

  1. Excellent blog as usual son. Totally enjoyed it and something to reflect on. Easy to get so caught up in the busyness of life,we lose perspective. I needed this. I pray you both enjoy the retreat. Its important to find time for yourselves. Praying you come back refreshed and relaxed. 🙂

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