This week my wife and I took some major steps in our Financial Peace class and I started reading Jon Acuff’s new book Start. All of this following on the heels of our retreat together in which the speaker talked about starting new and fresh.

We as human beings are programmed for new beginnings.

However, we often come up with plenty of excuses for delaying our “new beginning” because beginning again is hard work. It takes time and effort and isn’t always fluffy soft and fuzzy feeling as many would have you believe.

But today? Let’s cut the excuses.

Let’s get down to business.

To defeat…the Huns. (+2 points for a Mulan reference)

Seriously though (except that last part). What is it that keeps us from going all out and getting where we want to go? Too often it is fear, as Acuff points out. It is all our insecurities that well up within us when we try to do something we were really truly called to do.

So today I pray that you may find God’s grace, the ultimate new beginning. The old has gone, the new has come! And may you embrace and take hold of this new beginning and start down the path with Christ as He leads you to become the person you were created to be.

2 thoughts on “Start

  1. will try to remember that Matt. It’s hard when you are afraid of failing. Sometimes things get planted in your brain and no matter what you try to do you can’t make them go away. You want to succeed at something. You yearn for acceptance. Whatever it may be that keeps you down. You pray for understanding of it all and help to defeat it.But….

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