(Day Before) Graduation Day

I walk tomorrow for my masters. That means today (a.k.a. in a few hours) we are heading back up to school, where we moved from in order for me to walk tomorrow. I”ll actually get the paper, the degree, in August after my final class is over, but tomorrow? That is a day of celebration.

And the best excuse ever to go and see people I haven’t seen in nearly a year.

I haven’t had the opportunity to travel up back up north since we moved. Something about being a pastor and working Sundays makes it hard to travel on weekends for some reason.


But all week I’ve been looking forward to who we are going to get to see and all the places we will get to go. I’m way more excited about all that than I am about walking Saturday. But hey, I’m okay with that.

Really what this whole week boils down to is simple: anticipation. I have been looking forward to today for quite a while now and it is finally here. I get to experience the joy of reuniting with people I’ve missed dearly.

(Incoming theological twist in 3…2…) I imagine this is kind of what heaven is going to be like. (Boom! You almost didn’t see that one coming did ya?)

A longing. An anticipation for reunion. Joy in fellowship and community. As great as this weekend is going to be, it will still fall short of heaven (duh). As great a weekend as my wife might be able to plan, there are still people here where I live, that I will want with me up there that simply can’t be there because of logistics.

But one day? All the most important people in my life will be in one place. And we’ll get to share it with THE most important person ever. And that? That is something worth anticipating in the here and the now. That is something awesome enough to change how I live today.

4 thoughts on “(Day Before) Graduation Day

  1. I could not agree with you more son! What a reunion that will be! But first I want to see my heavenly father. Anticipation at its finest. Another wonderful Blog son. I enjoy them immensely.

  2. I was anticipating a good day as I would be watching my son-in-law graduate from the Masters Program at ONU. Yet, God made my day even better than I anticipated .. as another graduating young man came running in my direction — a favorite of mine while working in Transfer Admissions — my right-hand-person during those years … yep, what we anticipate, God makes it better. It was so good to see you, Matt Upshaw! –a favorite of God’s too!
    Isn’t that just like God — to make it better than we ever dreamed.
    And, that too — will happen in Heaven.

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