A Quote from McLaren

A few years ago I posted this quote on my facebook because it really hit home. I’m now reading the book again and it is still just as powerful:

“But if our framing story tells us that we are free and responsible creatures in a creation made by a good, wise, and loving God, and that our Creator wants us to pursue virtue, collaboration, peace, and mutual care for one another and all living creatures, and that our lives can have profound meaning if we align ourselves with God’s wisdom, character, and dreams for us…then our society will take a radically different direction, and our world will become a very different place.”

Brian McLaren in Everything Must Change

My wife and I are exploring this book together as our couple’s “devotional” I guess you’d call it. It speaks things to us that awaken the deep parts of our souls. It inspires us to ask the big questions and really consider God’s plan not just for us, not just for our church, not just for our town or state, but for all of society.

And a key component of all this is our framing story, essentially, the paradigm we use to make sense of the world. When we have a positive, true, and beautiful framing story then goodness and truth and beauty cannot help but flow from it. But when the framing story is pessimistic, false, and manipulative we cannot be surprised when it only turns out negativity, lies, and destruction.

This Friday may you explore the ultimate framing story found in God’s purpose for creation. May you find your place in God’s story and may you embrace Him, the author of salvation.

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