…in whom we live and move and have our being…

A common theme that has run through much of what I’ve been reading and listening to lately has been this idea that we are created as whole beings. That there is really, at our core, only one part to “us.”

It is popular today to think of ourselves as segmented persons. We have our “work self” and our “home self.” Or we might have the “parent me” and the “friend me.” It might not be that extreme. But we affirm on some level that my financial life is over here and over there is my spiritual life and somewhere else is how I relate to people. My physical self is here, emotional me is there.

You get the idea.

However, if we are honest with our self there is only one self. While there might be different facets of that self, there is still only one self. We are whole, integrated beings. It is no wonder that when one part of our life goes off course, it bleeds over and affects other areas of our life.

The Hebrew Bible speaks into this reality. It is the reason you find commandments concerning the proper cleaning of cups and utensils alongside laws governing interpersonal relationships alongside how to offer sacrifices to God.

It is all interwoven together.

We realize this in our best moments. Those moments in our life when we do something with our whole being. When we are completely and totally invested in the present moment or activity. We all have our “it” whatever it is.

For some it is art. Others it is music. Or writing. Or dancing. Or running. Or cooking. Or one of another million things. There is that practice, that habit, that activity that when you do it and do it well connects every piece of you and they all sing together in perfect harmony.

Sometimes for me lately, that has been running, oddly enough. Other times it is writing. Still other times it is being a father. These are the practices that connect me with the divine. The one God in whom we live and move and have our being.

So today I pray that you may take the time to practice something, anything, that connects all the parts of you together and then connects you to the ultimate source of being in the universe, Jesus Christ.

Grace and peace.

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