Hello old friend…

Wow. October was my last post. Oi. Well, time to get back in the swing of things.

I recently read a piece by Henri Nouwen, one of my favorite spiritual authors. In it he talks about how he went on retreat at a monastery in order to get away from the demands of teaching and speaking. His second day there, some students show up and ask him to lead them in a mini-retreat of sorts. Nouwen talks to his abbot, since the decision is not his to make, and complains because he doesn’t want to do it. He says it would be a massive amount of work to put together the 5 retreats. His abbot refutes this idea, instead saying that if he would only say his prayers and do his spiritual reading, he’d have enough for 10 retreats! It isn’t about putting new work together but living in a state of preparedness.

This is my new attitude towards writing. My elimination of excuses.

It is not about generating this entirely new content, totally unrelated to whatever else I’m doing at church or in my classroom. It is about that awesome piece of info I found in sermon prep. Or that great passage I read in that book last night.

And hopefully, somehow, in the midst of it all, you’ll find something that will challenge you and help you to dig deeper.

So the takeaway from this? Oh yay, Matt’s back for a month or two before he disappears again. False.


What I’m getting at is this: are you living in a state of preparedness? It stems from living a holistic life. One in which the different parts of your life are not compartmentalized, but instead integrated together so that all pieces are benefited by each other.

My sermon prep is not “over there” and my writing “over here.” They are one and the same.

My parenting time is not “over there” and my marriage time “over here.” They are one and the same.

Your job skills are not “over there” and your hobbies and passions “over here.” They are one and the same.

The question is, am I willing to do the hard work of bringing them into alignment?

Are you?

2 thoughts on “Hello old friend…

  1. Max Lucado’s Next Door Saviour. I read a big part of it last night and shocker – Chapters 5 & 6 would TOTALLY apply to our current mission with the youth of our community. It tied in with a conversation I was having Sunday night with two guys working in this mission field. Our FAB Sunday School teacher (one of those 2 guys – the other, Boots) is trying to get us to be wise (oh yes Proverbs is our lesson material…) but by starting our day with God, we will find that we actually have more day to use for God. Therein lies the ties to those aforementioned chapters and well, I’ve been meaning to start doing that for awhile now. As well as be better prepared to work with my Quiz Team. FINALLY, I responded! LOL.

  2. This coming from a full-time Pastor? I am a little more overwhelmed now, as someone who believes they are called to bi-vocational ministry. I’m struggling to fit all my pieces together and I thought it might be slightly more manageable this way. Definitely food for thought, thanks for your spirit!

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