St. Jude’s Warrior (Dash)

Hello world!

Here I am back and writing again. This time for very selfish reasons. I’m here to ask you, yes you, for money. Not for me personally, but for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Here’s the deal. I am running in a Warrior Dash on June 27th. I have pledged to raise $300 for St. Jude’s. And I. Am. This. Close. $275 out of $300 to be exact. So I’m asking you right now to go to and give some money. I need to hit $300. Again, for selfish reasons. Because what happens if I hit $300 you ask?

I get to shower.

Yup. The only showers available race day to those who complete the dash are for those “St. Jude’s Warriors” that raise $300 or more. Otherwise, you jump in a creek. Literally. It’s nasty. And a long drive home.

In all honesty and seriousness now, if you have the time and money, please click the link above and donate even $5. I’ve been getting emails from them with patient spotlights and some of the things these kids have gone through is just ridiculous. I’ll admit, I’m a big ol’ softy when it comes to kids and my own are part of the reason I’m doing the Dash at all. I’m trying to be fit and healthy so I can play with and be with my kids as long as possible. And my kids are healthy, I can’t imagine what the parents of these children are going through.

So if you have the time and/or money (and maybe just a little pity for the guy running a 5k in the mud over/under 12 obstacles) please donate today. Your help for the showers and, most importantly, the kids is deeply appreciated.

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